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    Dipeptide Power® Wound Healing Supplement


    Have severe wounds & sores? DPP Dipeptide Power® is a fast-acting sugar-free liquid supplement made from collagen dipeptides and 100% amino acids to help support and repair wounds from within. Our patented blend helps repair skin and prevent enzymatic breakdown which can help to increase skin moisture and elasticity.  For Mild wounds such as stasis ulcers, abrasions, skin tears & bruises: Take 2 Tbsp. / 2X a day. For Moderate & Severe wounds such as deep tissue, unstageable wounds, post-surgical & diabetic wounds: Take 2 Tbsp. / 3-4x a day.

    • Sugar-free formula: safe for Diabetics with 0 grams of sugar & low in phosphorus & potassium
    • 9 grams of protein in every 2 tablespoon dose
    • 65 calories
    • A mix of Collagen Dipeptides, Whey, L-Arginine, L-Glutamine, Zinc & other essential vitamins
    • Available in Cherry flavor
    • Gluten, lactose, & soy-free
    • Non-GMO
    • Manufactured & Distributed in the USA
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