Three Simple Ways to Reverse Prediabetes

Three Simple Ways to Reverse Prediabetes

As we all try our best to deal with the impact of the pandemic, we need to take into consideration our eating habits & stress levels. We all have been struggling in some way. How have you been holding up? Are you stress-eating? Are you exercising? Depressed or anxious? Healthcare professionals believe that stress can lead to diabetes from the changes in hormonal levels. Check out our three tips below on how to reverse prediabetes.

What is Prediabetes?

According to the Mayo Clinic, “Prediabetes means you have a higher than normal blood sugar level. It’s not high enough to be considered type 2 diabetes yet.” Certain risk factors can be overweight, being physically active less than 3 times a week, high blood pressure, and if you are over 45 years old. If you are not sure if you have elevated blood sugar levels, ask your Primary Health Care to schedule you for a Blood Sugar Test.

Three Ways To Reverse Prediabetes

Eat well-balanced, scheduled meals & snacks to reduce blood sugar highs & lows.

  • Incorporate fresh vegetables & fruits into your daily diet.
  • Eat lean protein such as fish & chicken
  • Choose healthy fats like avocado, nuts, & seeds
  • Eat-in small doses – fiber-rich whole grains & root vegetables
A healthy & nutritious fish dish serve with vegetables and brown rice.
A healthy & nutritious fish dish serve with vegetables and brown rice.

Exercising 20-30 minutes a day

  • Exercises such as brisk walking, riding a bike, dancing, & swimming can strengthen your heart & blood vessels.
  • Try Yoga, Pilates & other low impact exercises with no equipment that can help to boost mental clarity & increase blood flow for more energy
  • Exercising can help to reduce blood pressure & lower stress levels
  • Sleep better at night which can lead to more productive days
Adults who exercise, eat a well-balanced diet, & take a fiber supplement can help to reverse prediabetes
Adults exercising on medicine ball & stretching. Photo credit from https://www.foreverfit.in/

Take A Fiber Supplement

Fiber can help to maintain normal & healthy blood sugar levels. Sometimes, we don’t get enough fiber into our diets, even if we try to eat well-balanced meals throughout the day. Our fiber supplements contain the prebiotic FOS (fructo-oligosaccharides or known as inulin) which can help to replenish the body with healthy bacteria which is so important in boosting immune health & maintaining normal bowel function. In addition, fiber helps to bind cholesterol & sugars which then are slowly released into the body. This can help to minimize high or low blood sugar spikes. Click here to view our line of supplements today to see how you can easily incorporate more fiber into your daily diet.

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