Are Liquid Supplements Better Than Tablets Or Capsules?

Are Liquid Supplements Better Than Tablets Or Capsules?

Are your parents or grandparents getting enough vitamins into their diet? Are your children struggling swallowing their pills? If yes, it may be time to switch over to a liquid supplement. Read our tips below on why you should be making the switch to liquid supplements. Not only are liquid supplements easier to take (1-2 tablespoons daily), the body easily absorbs the nutrients at a much faster pace.

Struggle swallowing pills? Try our liquid dietary supplements.
Our liquid dietary supplements are perfect those who struggle with swallowing pills. Don’t lose out on essential vitamins again.

Get More Nutrients with Every Dose

Think again before taking a pill or capsule. Tablets (pills) or capsules can take approximately 20-30 minutes to breakdown. That means about 10-20% of the nutrients are actually absorbed in the body. Tablets or capsules also have binding agents (synthetic), which aids in the manufacturing process and assist in the product’s function.

With liquid supplements, the body does not need to break them down, which means you can get 85-90% of the nutrients in every dose. Liquids take only 1-4 minutes for complete absorption and have no binding agents. Plus, you can easily incorporate them into any food or beverage of your choice.

How Liquid Supplements Can Benefit The Whole Family.

When taking care of your family, an older relative, or a younger child, they may struggle to swallow pills. A liquid supplement is a great way for them to get all their nutrients in 1-2 tablespoons. You can even add it to their favorite foods or beverages!

According to Consumer Labs “If a supplement is being shared among family members, it is very easy to give each person their specific dose by changing the number of drops or fraction of a teaspoon that you administer”.

Facilities & Hospitals Can Benefit Too!

For facilities, nurses or caretakers, liquid supplements are a great help! No need to worry about a patient struggling to take their pills. They are easy to serve & give out. This makes it easier for the caregiver or nurse to do their job without hassle.

Today, in our community, we cater to many facilities and hospitals throughout Long Island & New York. If you are a facility & do not work with us already, contact us here to see how you can become a part of our established program. We have been contributing to many facilities for over 30 years.

Ready To Make The Switch?

Email us today to get free samples of our products. We have something for everyone! Our nutritional dietary supplements can help with managing diarrhea, constipation, UTI’s, lowering blood sugar & cholesterol levels and many more. Our supplements are drug-free and safe to take every day. Feel your best all day with us.

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