What The Coronavirus Is Teaching Us.

What The Coronavirus Is Teaching Us.

There are millions of people around the world being told to stay indoors to reduce the chance of getting the Coronavirus. While we are at home, we should focus on ourselves while we have the time. It is important to notice how your body feels.

Focus On Yourself

Take about 5 minutes and focus on yourself. Turn off the lights, tv, music, and sit down. Forget everything and try to think about how you truly feel. What is your body saying?

  • Does your stomach feel heavy?
  • Do you feel tired?
  • Are your blood sugars or cholesterol levels out of synch?
  • Feeling constipated? Have diarrhea?
  • Urinating often? Fear you may run out of toilet paper?

Write down how your body feels today. Has your body been feeling like this? It is temporary? Use this as motivation to see how what is happening in your body. If you see some changes, see how you can help to better yourself naturally without harsh Rx meds.

How Does Your Body Feel?

Being at home certainly has many people feeling stressed out and out of routine. Perhaps you are eating more than you should. Maybe your anxiety levels are high. If you are struggling with high blood sugars or cholesterol levels, a fiber supplement may be just what you need! There are many studies that prove that fiber can help to maintain normal blood sugars and cholesterol levels. If you are struggling with constipation from a low fiber diet and/or stress, increasing your fiber intake will also help to keep you regulated and provide beneficial bacteria to your stomach.

We are all dealing with stress and anxiety from the virus. Here are best ways to help relieve your anxiety.
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Other side effects we could be having from stress could be diarrhea or constant heartburn. Bananas are part of the BRAT diet and can help to bind and form loose stools plus replenish any electrolytes you may have lost.

Heartburn pain feels like a sharp, burning pain in your chest. A natural way to relieve heartburn pain is eating a ripe banana. Yes, you read this right! Ripe bananas actually coat the inside of the GI tract, helping to relieve some heartburn pain, but the banana has to be ripe in order for it to have this effect. Try our Nana Flakes today which are made of 100%, perfectly riped dried bananas for an easy way to combat heartburn relief and diarrhea.

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How are your other bathroom problems? Do you find yourself urinating more than 8x in a day? Wearing liners, pads, or discreet undergarments just in case of an accident? If you are constipated, on certain medications, gave birth, have an enlarged prostate – it could be possible that you are struggling with urinary incontinence. Incontinence can be treated by working on pelvic floor exercises, dietary changes and our supplement Rejoice® that can help with bladder control. Read more information on urinary incontinence here.

A Note From ND Labs, Inc

No matter what, these are pressing times and we all are anxious to get over this hurdle. As we wait, take the time to care for you and your family. The best thing now is to put more time into you. Exercise more, eat healthier, meditate even! Our line of natural supplements are easy to incorporate into your everyday routine. See how they can benefit you and the whole family today!

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