Can Bananas Help With Diarrhea & Other Underlying Health Issues?

Can Bananas Help With Diarrhea & Other Underlying Health Issues?

Bananas are a natural remedy for many underlying health issues and a great egg substitute in cooking and baking. When you go to buy bananas, they are either still too green or a bit overripe which can be very frustrating.  Check out the 5 benefits below of why you should incorporate bananas into your diet more often and how they can help with diarrhea! Plus, see how our Nana Flakes®, made from 100% dried bananas is a great way to easily have a banana every day.  

Great as an egg substitute.

Use in cooking and baking! If you ever tried using chia seeds and flaxseed as an egg substitute, then you should try bananas. You can use them as an oil/fat replacer as well! Our Nana Flakes® takes all the hard work out of mashing and mixing bananas into a paste. Simply add two heaping tablespoons of Nana Flakes® and mix with 3 tablespoons of water.

Great for pre and post-workouts!

Skip out the sugary drinks and eat a banana. According to Men’s Health in a 2012 study “ the sugars in banana support performance just as well as a sports drink and also contains 18 unique metabolites – a gene that helps to knock down pain and inflammation after exercise.” When exercising, eat half a banana halfway through and the other half afterward to help prevent next-day soreness.

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Great to use when you have occasional diarrhea.

Bananas are part of the BRAT diet (bananas, white rice, applesauce, and toast. Bananas are low in fiber (great to form firmer stools) but high in potassium which can help to replace the nutrients your body may have lost. A great option is our Probiotic Nana Flakes! Adding a probiotic to your body when you have diarrhea can help to replace any good bacteria that you may have lost. Gain all the advantages of a probiotic plus our nana flakes all in one.

Great to use as a natural appetite stimulant.

According to Penn Medicine, bananas can help you to feel fuller longer. Plus, a medium banana is only 105 calories and is a great source for vitamins and nutrients such as potassium. If you recently had bariatric surgery, you normally have to wait 5-6 weeks before you can incorporate bananas and other fruits into your diet since your stomach needs time to digest fibrous foods. Not with our Nana Flakes®. Easily incorporate into your meals or smoothies!

Great to use as a natural way to burn heartburn relief.

A ripe banana can coat the stomach lining to help prevent heartburn. However, the banana has to be ripe (not too green or overripe in order to help.) Our Nana Flakes® are perfectly riped which makes this a great solution to take every day.

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