9 Energy-Boosting Snacks To Help Keep You Focused

9 Energy-Boosting Snacks To Help Keep You Focused

Stop looking for that second cup of coffee & high-sugar snacks for more energy. Look into your cabinets & fridge for healthier options. Plus, swapping out caffeinated beverages and high sugar snacks can even help you with weight loss. Here are our top 9 favorite office snacks that we chose to share with you!

Energy Boosting Snacks

Incorporate more fruit into your diet. Eating an apple or a banana can help to regulate your blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Fruits are low in sugar and high in fiber which can help to keep you full and focused. Try dried fruits as well which you can leave in your desk, cabinets, or pantry.

Eating fruits like apples are low in sugar and high in fiber which can help to regulate blood sugars and cholesterol levels. Pair with a nut butter for extra protein.
Apple slices paired with nut butter is a great snack option that will keep you feeling full longer!

Need an energy boost? Eat 2 tablespoons of a nut butter of your choice. Nut butters can help to reduce bad cholesterol, regulate blood sugars, and are rich in antioxidants.

Eat almonds by the handful! They contain good fats, a ton of Vitamin E for healthy skin and are naturally gluten free.

Eat low-fat string cheese which is low in carbs and high in protein. Enjoy string cheese along with apple slices. Remember to try and combine both high protein and high fiber snacks for long-lasting energy.

Eating organic carrots can help with weight loss, can help to lower cholesterol levels, and are rich in potassium. Vitamin A, an essential vitamin that can help to reduce belly fat is found in carrots.

Eating organic carrots can help to reduce belly fat and can help to lower cholesterol levels. Not to mention, carrots are great for eye health as well.
Carrots can help reduce belly fat and lower cholesterol levels.

Brown rice cakes topped with nut butter & drizzle of raw honey – a great combination of protein, healthy fat, and fiber. Brown rice cakes can stay in the fridge making it a great go-to-snack at work that only takes minutes to put together. A simple & tasty energy-boosting snack!

Prepare celery sticks with peanut butter and raisins. This awesome snack contains 8 grams of protein, only 198 calories, and contains 16 grams of fat! Vitamin K is found in celery and peanut butter which can help to improve blood circulation.

Try roasted chickpeas that are full of fiber and potassium. Add whatever spices you like. Our office favorite is cinnamon!

Try Greek yogurt with fresh fruit, granola or try our nana flakes and top with cinnamon. Greek yogurt contains prebiotic bacteria which essentially can help to regulate your G.I tract. Yogurt is a great guilt-treat snack that is also versatile. Add any fruits, nuts, seeds, and even a sprinkle of dark chocolate shavings.

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