How Waking Up 15 Minutes Earlier Can Make You Feel More Grounded For The Day.

How Waking Up 15 Minutes Earlier Can Make You Feel More Grounded For The Day.

How does each morning look for you? Do you get up early? Maybe you are not a morning person and leave with only half an hour to spare? If so, try to put more time into your mornings. A little bit of self-care will make you feel refreshed, grounded and more prepared for the day! It does not have to be time consuming. I challenge you to try it for yourself. We are only suggesting waking up 15 minutes earlier than you do. Listed below are our best tips and suggestions. Not all of these tips have to be done and can be mixed and matched to see what works best for you.  

15 Minute Self-Care Routine Ideas

Wake up 15 minutes earlier and stretch out. Loosen up those tight hips and joints you may have.

Wake up 15 minutes earlier and listen to your body. Are you feeling good? A bit bloated? Sluggish? It is your body’s way of saying it may need a bit of help. Jump start that by drinking a hot cup of water with lemon. Not only is it a great detox, but it can also give you energy. (I do this every morning before I begin my day.)If you feel bloated, try one of our fiber supplements to help! Either you may be constipated or perhaps your GI tract is unbalanced & needs good bacteria (probiotic) to help regulate it.

Wake up 15 minutes earlier and focus on your goals. Have you reached them yet? Write down in a notepad some ideas you may want to try. It is a great way to use those goals as motivation to your day.

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Wake up 15 minutes earlier and sit and enjoy a cup of hot tea or coffee before you go.

Wake up 15 minutes earlier and make yourself a good breakfast! Love smoothies? Try our Nana Flakes that can help to stimulate your appetite and provide all the vitamins and nutrients you get from a banana. My personal favorite is Iced Coffee Protein Shake or a chia seed pudding with fresh fruit & granola on top. Save a tree and use a reusable shaker, cup, or mason jar container.

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Wake up 15 minutes earlier and prepare lunch for the day. You can control what you eat and also saves you money. (I bring food with me to work every day for lunch, including snacks such as fruit and or mixed nuts.) Bringing your lunch is also another great way to contribute to saving the environment – use glass or BPA free containers. Looking for lunch suggestions? Try our soy based Textured Vegetable Protein. Easy, delicious, and healthy!

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